Full Kitchen Renovation Project Management


We want you to have the most effortless and convenient renovation process possible.  

By offering cost-plus management pricing we allow you to know exactly how much each element of the renovation project costs yet have the freedom of someone else handling the details.  Our management fee is either a percentage on top of the actual cost or a fixed fee depending on the project. 

We'll handle all of the scheduling of the trades and keep things running on time and on budget.  In a cost-plus system you pay the trades directly, that way you know they've been compensated for their work.  You are not left wondering if the trades are owed money which could lead to liens being put on your home or worse, legal action against you.

Any level of project management needed

We can help you by scheduling and working with all the trades directly needed for your kitchen renovation. Or if you'd prefer you can handle some of the trades on your own and we'll deal with rest of it. 

We are a fully licensed, bonded and insured company.  We have an Alberta Government Pre-paid Contractor's License and a Contractor/Manufacturing License with the city of Calgary.