Q: Are your cabinets solid wood?

A: Our doors, mouldings and trim are solid wood. Our interior cabinet cases are made from plywood, Melamine or MDF depending on the project.  Although it is possible to build the cabinet case out of solid wood the cost would be the limiting factor.  At 4-5 times the price it would make most projects impractical.  The other downside would be the environmental impact.  It would use vast quantities of premium lumber with little to no benefit to the customer.  


Q: Will you spray existing cabinets in my home?

A: No. All of our cabinets are sprayed in our shop.  We don't specialize in refinishing cabinets and there are many fine companies that would be better suited for this.


Q: What colours do you offer?

A: We don't offer set colours.  Every project is a custom colour that the customer chooses.  You can bring in a paint chip, match an existing colour in your home, or an object that is the colour you want and we will match the paint to it.  We do have a selection of about 24 stain colours for wood, but the vast majority of the wood cabinets we build are custom colours.  Our estimates assume a custom colour unless otherwise noted.


Q: What countertops do you offer?

A: We offer laminate countertops with a self faced edge from most of the HPL manufacturers such as Formica, Nevarmare and Arborite. If you require a rolled edge laminate countertop or any solid surface countertop i.e. granite, quartz, marble, concrete you will need to talk to a dedicated countertop company.  We will be happy to work with the countertop company with scheduling and templating.


Q: Do you offer soft close doors and drawers?

A: Yes.  We offer undermount full extension soft close drawers standard on all our cabinets.  There are other options available upon request.  Our doors use conceiled euro style hinges in either integrated soft close or  the standard self close options.


Q: What handles do you offer?

A: With the incredible amount of handles available today it would be impossible to offer every type.  We have a few select handles but the majority of our customers find and purchase handles on their own.  We will install them at no additional cost for you.  


Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: We currently only accept cash, cheque or email transfer.  As we meet with customers in their home it is difficult to offer Visa or master card.  We are looking into practical solutions to aid us in accepting credit cards for payment. 


Q: How much of a mess should I expect when you work in my home?

A: There will always be some dust when renovating but we try to minimize it by doing as much cutting in the shop before starting the install.  We will cut, if possible, outside or in the garage and take any garbage with us when we leave.


Q: How do I contact you?

A: Email is preferred over phone because I am not always able to answer the phone, whether that's because I’m talking with a customer or cutting on the saw.


Q: I have never had custom woodwork built before.  How do I go about it?

A: The first step would be to get a clear idea of what the function of the project will be.  The clearer you are about what you want to achieve the better I can assist you.  Then you can contact me for an estimate. 


Q: I like something I saw on the internet on a different website, can you build it?

A: Yes, in most cases I can design and build something very close to what you have seen elsewhere.


Q: I would like an estimate but I don’t want to be bombarded by pushy sales calls.

A: I will follow up with you after I send you an estimate but you and I have better things to do than pursue something that is not a good fit.