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Derrick's Journey

          As a child I would spend countless hours in my Grandfathers wood shop.  I loved to watch him work, hear the sounds of the tools and the smell that encompassed the shop.  From a young age I loved to build things and wanted to know how everything worked.  I was forever taking things apart and putting them back together, much to my parents dismay.  I always knew I wanted to build.  


        In my early twenties I started in the finishing carpentry business, I perfected my craft and learned many valuable skills in the cabinetry trade.  Then in 2008 with the down turn in the economy I found myself without a job for the first time in my life.  I knew I was passionate about designing and building cabinets but I also knew I wanted more than just building for a large company.  I wanted to build from my own designs and know who my clients were and to build personal relationships with them.  It was then that I decided to start Kniss Custom Woodwork.  Since that time I have seen tremendous growth in myself as a business owner and in my business.  


            Over the last three years my wife Deeann has joined me in growing our business and becoming a more well rounded company.  I truly believe that the small details are of the utmost importance when it comes to building cabinets, and in life for that matter.   Kniss Custom Woodwork is a fully licensed bonded and insured company with the city of Calgary and the Province of Alberta. 




So you've decided you want some new cabinets built for your home!  Now you're wondering; where do I go from here?  The first step is to set up a meeting to look at the space you'd like developed and to get a detailed understanding of your needs.  While I'm there I will measure the space so I can produce accurate drawings for you to preview.  Once I email you the designs you can make any modifications or changes.  When you're happy with the design and give me the ok I'll proceed.  That moves us into the construction phase, where I build and finish the cabinets at my shop.  Some advantages of building this way are:

  • your project is completed in less time
  • it keeps your home cleaner
  • it reduces all the inconvenience of construction
  • all spraying of lacquer is completed before the cabinets are installed in your home which eliminates the exposure to the chemicals used in the finishing process
  • all of the cuts are made on heavy duty machinery not portable power tools resulting in better quality and square cabinets

After the construction of your cabinets is complete, it's time to set up an installation date.  We will choose this date together based on your availability and schedule.  Depending on the size of the project installation can be completed in a few days to a few weeks for larger projects.  All trimming and fitting of mouldings and panels will be completed with minimal amounts of dust.  Every effort is made to keep your home clean and free of damage while I'm there.  Now you have the cabinets you've always dreamed about, customized for your home.